Geox Shawntel Girl Ankle Boots with Glittery Heal

Geox Shawntel Girl Ankle Boots with Glittery Heal

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Breathable Girls Ankle Boots in soft leather with a glittery heal to add that extra sparkle, come with the exclusive Geox patented sole that makes the shoes extremely breathable and comfortable. The antibacterial insole comes covered in non-toxic, chrome-free leather, leaving feet feeling dry at all times. The soft black leather upper features elasticated panels on both sides of the shoe, which ensure they are easy to get on and get off.
Thanks to Geox’s high level of specialisation, GEOX knows how to ensure the correct development and wellbeing for young feet during every phase of growth.
For children from 6 years and up, these shoes are perfect for everyday wear: strong and comfortable without sacrificing on style.
The classic Geox rubber sole is based on an exclusive patent: the combination of the perforated sole and the resistant breathable and waterproof membrane allow for natural temperature regulation, thereby creating the perfect microclimate inside the shoe that keeps feet dry and comfortable for the whole day.
(Description from Geox website)
Upper Material: Leather
Inner Material : Leather
Detail: Glittery back of the shoe
Sizes Available: 29 (UK 11) to 35 (UK 2.5)



Place your bare foot on a white sheet of paper with the heel against a vertical wall. Mark your longest toe on the paper. Measure the distance in mm from the wall to the mark with a ruler. Read the measurement obtained and the corresponding one in the "Foot length in mm" column and find the right size.


24 8 7 160 150
25 8.5 7.5 167 157
26 9 8.5 174 164
27 10 9 180 170
28 10.5 10 187 177
29 11 11 193 184
30 12 11.5 200 190
31 13 12.5 206 197
32 1 13 214 204
33 2 1 220 210
34 3 1.5 227 217
35 3.5 2.5 233 224
36 4 3 240 230
37 5 4 247 237
38 5.5 5 254 244
39 6 6 260 250
40 6.5 6.5 267 257
41 7 7 273 264
Shoe Care:

Smooth leathers are created from the “grain” side of the leather, i.e. the side the fur was removed from. Despite the name, this type of leather can be smooth, grained, structured, glossy or matt.
Before handling this high-quality material, most of the dirt should be removed using a soft cloth or a brush. In the event of stubborn dirt, we recommend the use of a foaming cleaning product that can be applied to a cloth and then used on the shoe.
Once dry, treating the shoe with a water-proofing spray will ensure it is protected against dirt and water. Leather can also be treated with shoe polish from a tube or tin to rehydrate the leather following use and cleaning. Let the cream soak in for half an hour, then polish with a soft cloth or brush. This will not only make the leather shiny, but will also remove any residues of cream left on the shoe. (