Emel Mosaic Leather Double Velcro Sandals

Emel Mosaic Leather Double Velcro Sandals

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These designed in the Emel style sandals are both robust and stylish. They have Lifetime Guarantee, having been carefully handmade from the finest Italian leather. Taking care of every detail during production ensures healthy development of delicate feet is unhindered. Emels sandals too, are made from the finest leather upper for flexibility and style and a durable sole for a perfectly combined shoe. This combination ensures a shoe best suited for supporting developing feet.

- Sizes 18-23
- handmade
- finest leather upper
- finest leather lining
- velcro closure
- padded collar
- flexible sole
- enable children's feet to grow and develop in a healthy way

Emel children's footwear is entirely made by hand. The shoes are manufactured in such a perfect way that they are guaranteed for the lifetime of the product. They are made in a workshop by craftsmen committed to making children's feet comfortable.

Children's Shoes Size Guides:
[Bottom line indicates the length of the insoles of this model in centimeters (cm).]


EU to UK size converter chart:
EU Size 18 = UK size 2
EU Size 19 = UK size 3
EU Size 20 = UK size 4
EU Size 21 = UK size 4.5
EU Size 22 = UK size 5.5
EU Size 23 = UK size 6.5
EU Size 24 = UK size 7
EU Size 25 = UK size 8