Keep your feet fit!

Like the rest of your body, your feet need exercise to stay in great shape.By doing foot exercise to strengthen and relax your muscles,you can improve your balance or help protect the bones of your feet.Such ‘work out’ will give your circulation a healthy boost too.There is plenty of enjoyable exercises for the whole family - below we present those that will be fun for children too:

  1. Picking up marbles- Ask your child to pick up the marbles with their toes one by one and pop them into a container - loads of fun guaranteed!
  2. Painting with your feet- Choose a subject i.e. animal, fruit etc. and holding a pen or chalk between your toes, see what masterpiece you can create. Younger children can make colorful footprints or patterns with pieces of sponge.
  3. Toe the Line-  Children love to balance and will often copy circus performers walking the tightrope. Roll out a line of ribbon or string and ask them to tiptoeto the end - and then tiptoe backwards - if you fall off you have to start again.If you think that’s easy – you try it!
  4. Picnic blanket-  Lay a towel under your feet (sitting or laying) then gradually ‘claw’ it into a scrunched up heap. Find the corners with your toes and smooth it back out again.
  5. Bath Time-  Whilst sitting in the bath, pick up your sponge, flannel oranything else off the bottom



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